20160723 – scrivener for iOSĀ 

When I downloaded scrivener for iOS I expected to use it during any spare time while I was out. Since I installed it on my iPad mini I have found I am using it for editing. I am reading what I have written on my mini when I am done writing. My mini is my usual reading device and now I can edit while I read. Then in the morning start on my Mac with all the corrections having been updated via Dropbox. Whether this will become the normal pattern of use for me, only time will tell.

20160720 – Scrivener

Earlier today I downloaded Scrivener for iOS on to my iPad. I have been using Scrivener on the Mac since January 2015, I love it and would never manage to get anything done without it. So when I heard it was coming to the iPad, I started waiting with baited breath. I will let you know how I am doing in a couple of days. I want to see if it helps me increase my word count by being able to catch a few minutes here and there.

18th July 2016

I started this blog as a way of charting my progress in writing my first novel and also as a way of holding myself accountable. I will over the next few days and weeks improve this web site and start adding regular posts.