Dummy Cover 20170615

And Hell Followed After-Dummy Cover400


As I mentioned in my last post my debut novel is up on Amazon, Kobo and Apple for pre-order. This is the dummy cover you will see at the moment. The price until the end of August is £2.99, on the first of September it will go up to £3.99.

If you like dark fantasy, tales of swords and sorcery. An epic tale then you should pre-order the first in this trilogy now.

Satan has broken out of Hell and has brought his armies with him. Now they are searching for the gateway to the Worlds beyond. One man will face Death, then rise to stand in his way and lead an army against him and that man will be called Zanta Klaus.

Catchup 20170607

Well so much for my desire to keep a regular blog. I sort of went down the rabbit hole after the Edinburgh International Book festival last year. The good news is I have now got my first novel up for pre-order on Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Apple iBooks. I have a dummy cover up at the moment. I should get the cover from the artist at the end of this month, well ahead of the available for download date on the 10th of August.