20171224 – Christmas Eve.

Are you an Epic fantasy reader or do you know one? After all the stress in the run up to this festive period would you like 4 or 5 hours away from it all? Immerse yourself in another world. Or get peace by sending someone you know into another world for that time. Available on Kobo, Kindle and iBooks.

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“And Hell Followed After”
Sub-title: “The Witch Hunters of Otnasnom”
Book 1 in the series (The Legend of Zanta Klaus)

“And Hell Followed After”
Sub-title: “Where He Goes, The Light Will Follow”
Book 2 of the series (The Legend of Zanta Klaus)

Available for Pre-Order: July 2018
“And Hell Followed After”
Sub-title: The Road to Armageddon
Book 3 of the series (The Legend of Zanta Klaus)

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20171221 – rewrites

Ok, whose bright idea was it to finish book 3 by the end of the month so it could be edited next month. Oh, that would be me. So far today I have done 10 corrections/ rewrites. 154 to do by the 31st December. Who thinks I’ll make it? #amwriting #darkfantasy #epicfantasy