20180928 – Book 3

Well, book 3 went live to download yesterday and I would like to say thank you to those of you that pre-ordered and purchased it. If you have 5 minutes after you have read it or any of the others in the (Legend of Zanta Klaus series); you would make this writer very happy if you could write a short review on whichever site you purchased it on.


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20180927 – Maps

I have added a new Page to the Menu. As the title of this post suggests it is called maps. I am going to be adding maps I have sketched out when I have been planning my books. I hope you find them interesting.

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20180925 – Books I am Reading

I have just finished reading Ursula Le Guin’s novel ‘Voices’. I am ashamed to say I had never heard of the author until I read her obituary earlier this year ( Ursula Le Guin died on the 22nd of January 2018 aged 88 ). She was the first female author to win the Hugo Award and also the first female author to win the Nebula Award. I found Voices both enjoyable and an interesting read. I ended up carrying the book around with me so that whenever I could, I would read a few pages to see how the characters were getting along and learn more about the world and the culture. So yes I would recommend it.



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20180923 – Google Play Books Store

Just over a fortnight ago, I filled in an online form notifying Google of my interest in putting my books on the Google Play Books Store. On Saturday morning I received my invitation to sign up on the Google Play Books Partner Program so that my books could be made available through the Google Play Books Store. Sadly upon reading the Terms and Conditions, I found them unacceptable, thus finding myself in the unfortunate position of having to decline them and not put my books in the store. However if at some time in the future Google decides to change their Terms and Conditions for the better, I will reconsider my decision then.

I do recommend any author/publisher thinking of joining the Google Play Books Partner Program to thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions and fully understand what you are signing up to, before, accepting the terms and conditions. It is, after all, your decision in the end.

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20180918 – Writing Space.

Ah procrastination you temptress, the time I will even spend on cleaning and rearranging my desk rather than what I should be doing i.e. working on my fourth book. Urgh …

Decided my writing space was not cluttered enough, I have added my hatching dragon egg to the clutter. Now to clean the desk, remove some of the clutter and wipe the computer screen.

Ok so now I am at the keyboard writing a blog post and drinking a mug of vanilla rooibos herbal tea. Sometimes procrastinating has to be done in style.


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20180916 – Books I am Reading

I thought I would write a short post on what I am currently reading and if you find it interesting I will make it into a regular thing. I have had the Hogfather by Terry Pratchett on my bookshelf for quite a bit of time, I have just never gotten around to reading it. Currently, I’m about a third of the way through the book and I am wondering why I didn’t find time to read it before. I do like Terry Pratchett’s narration style, which makes it easy to keep turning the pages and the fact that Terry Pratchett does not do chapters makes it very difficult to find a place to stop. Right enough of all this social media malarkey, I am going to bed early to read the rest of the Hogfather. It’s 8.24pm Good night all. I will let you know more once I have finished.


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20180912 – word count

Well today I said farewell to book 3 as I loaded the final files for launch earlier this evening. At 85,098 words it is the longest book I have written and the longest so far in the series ( The Legend of Zanta Klaus ). There is just a fortnight now until (And Hell Follows After: The Road to Armageddon). Can be downloaded from the online store. (27th September).

If anyone uses the Google Play Store for books to download your books I would be interested in hearing from you as I am currently waiting to hear from Google about putting my books on their store.


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20180910 – Book 4

The version of book 3 that will go on sale will be uploaded to Kobo, Kindle and iBooks in a few days. I have, however, started work on book 4 of the series: (The Legend of Zanta Klaus). Two chapters have so far been written of the first draft. At the moment I have no title, sub-title or cover as yet to share with you. I will post updates as the writing progresses.




20180909 – Cultural Hangover

I do not know how all of you feel, however, I always feel it takes me a couple of weeks to recover after the end of all the Edinburgh festivals. In my case, I was at the Book Festival every day just soaking up the atmosphere and going to events.

The next two weeks are going to be hectic, my 3rd book is due to be available to download on the 27th of September and the release version of the book goes to the retail stores on the 13th of September. It is available for pre-order now on #Kobo, #Kindle, #iBooks,

And Hell Followed After-3 Blue-250

If you have read books one and two, I would like to ask you to help this author out, it helps a great deal if you can leave a review on whichever retail store you purchased the book on.

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