20181031 – Halloween

The nights are fair drawing in and it’s getting colder. This Halloween night it’s forecast to rain. So it’s a good time to curl up with a book and read.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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20181031 – Bye Bye Chapter

Just last weekend, I took the decision to remove an entire chapter from the draft of my next novel and start again from scratch. No one who has not killed their darlings can understand how terrifying a thing that is for authors to do. I had been contemplating it for a while now as I was working up to the rewrites of that same said chapter.

It leaves you, with a mixture of wanting to cry over the loss of an entire chapter and relief, knowing that writing from scratch means there will be no baggage from the dumped chapter in the new writing and it will be cleaner because of that.

No rewriting where you had to fit the original and the rewrites together like a jigsaw puzzle where you were making the pieces as you went along. The old chapter has been tagged and will end up in a folder, who knows sometime in the future parts of it may end up in another novel, or not.


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20181009 – Writing update

Well, this is the second day in a row that I have exceeded my daily word count while working on my fourth novel. It is a big moment in my writing of this novel because this is the first time I have exceeded my daily word count with this novel since I started on it. Until now I have been turning all my notes into story and chapters. The chapter I am working on this week I have started from scratch. Yes, I am flying by the seat of my pants. Scary times… normally I am a plotter. Funny thing is, as well as being happy with the word count, I am enjoying the writing.

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20181005 – Work in Progress

I have decided to move my page on work in progress to blog posts as it will be getting updated more often.

Since the launch of book 3. I have started work on book 4 of the series: (The Legend of Zanta Klaus). Two chapters have so far been written of the first draft. At the moment I have no title, sub-title or cover as yet to share with you. I will post updates as the writing progresses.

I am now working on the third chapter of book 4. By that, I do not mean chapter 3 in the book. I have so far in the last three books started writing in the middle of the book and worked my way outwards, chapter 1 will probably be the last chapter I work on.

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20181002 – Glossary

I am currently creating a glossary for my books in the series, The Legend of Zanta Klaus. Please note if you have not read the books this glossary will contain spoilers. I plan on updating the page as time permits you can reach it from the top menu. When I consider it is at a sufficient state of development I will place it in the books.


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