20190213 – drafts

The first draft of a piece of writing has been called many things, including the Vomit Draft, you just have to get it out there, do not edit during the writing of it.

I am currently about halfway through writing the first draft of book 4 in my series – The Legend of Zanta Klaus. This part always feels like I am Dr Frankenstein except I am building a living creature without an anatomy book. The first draft is all about getting the skeleton put together while being blindfolded at the same time.

Writing the 2nd, (Add in any number above 1.) you wish you still had that blindfold on because you can see what a mess you made, now you can try and get an idea what the creature’s skeleton should look like. In the 3rd, 4th and subsequent drafts, you will add the insides and then the muscles to enable the story to move along and each draft you alter the placement of those muscles until you think the story is running smoothly from beginning to the end. Only then do you start the draft to put the skin on or if you prefer to make your creation look pretty.

I have been wasting time today editing a chapter of my first draft when I have half the story to write, procrastination at its best. Well, now that I have confessed my sin of procrastination, I had better get on with the writing.




20190206 – Books I am Reading

Sorry folks, it has been a while since I made a post on this subject. While I had the cold over the Christmas period I read the complete “All Souls Trilogy” and then went on to read the fourth book by Deborah Harkness in the All Souls world “Time’s Convert”. I think the best thing I can say is that I consumed book after book. I could not put them down. I would grab time to read on the bus into town, I just could not put them down. The books gave you time to get to know the characters and I also loved the way that bits of historical information was interwoven into the stories.








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