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“And Hell Followed After”

Sub-title: “The Witch Hunters of Otnasnom”

Book 1 in the series (The Legend of Zanta Klaus)

Satan has broken out of Hell and has brought all the armies of hell with him. Now they are searching for the gateway to the Worlds beyond. One man will face Death, then rise to stand in Satan’s way, he will lead an army against him and that man will be called Zanta Klaus.


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“And Hell Followed After”

Sub-title: “Where He Goes, The Light Will Follow”

Book 2 of the series (The Legend of Zanta Klaus)

Prince Nicholas has been mortally wounded during his encounter with Death, during the night after the retreat from the battlefield he became separated from his Knights. Satan and Hell’s armies now occupy most of Ephrath and are heading towards the border with the Old Kingdom in their continuing search for the Gateway to the Worlds beyond. Those that could not flee in time were now trapped in Ephrath. As each day passes the Knights were losing ground to Satan and Hell’s armies as each day passed, they had to find a way to start winning or they would be fighting on the soil of the Old Kingdom before the end of Spring.


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“And Hell Followed After”

Sub-title: The Road to Armageddon

Book 3 of the series (The Legend of Zanta Klaus)

King Nicholas has problems, lots of them. However, he is running out of time. Spring is approaching and with it, the shield of snow covering the Old Kingdom will melt. Once that happens, there will be nothing to stop Satan and Hell’s armies from marching right up to the gates of Fort Armageddon and then onwards to the Gateway to the Worlds Beyond, unless the King can find more allies in his fight against Satan.


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