Please note if you have not read any of the books in the series, The Legend of Zanta Klaus. This glossary contains spoilers. I plan on updating this page as time permits.



Naming And Stylistic Conventions

  • Bairns: (Scots) Children, Youngsters, A term most commonly used by parents to refer to young children.
  • The Castle: The main residence of the Snow King, it is surrounded on three sides by the walled City and behind it is a shear mountain cliff face.
  • Dibs: It’s mine. Making a claim on something.
  • Dragon – Dragons: Great big fire breathing, flying behemoths.
  • Dragon Fire: It is hot enough to turn rock into lava.
  • Dragon Poo: It is purple and it glows.
  • Dreich: (Scots) miserable weather. It’s a dreich day.
  • Elf: (singular) – Elfs: (plural). Are the wee folk one would normally associate with Santa Claus. They make up the inventors, engineers, the Quartermasters, although they can choose to go into other professions, they tend not to go into any of the fighting professions.
  • Elve: (singular) – Elves: (plural). Adults average height 6 foot tall. A lot of Elves choose to become knights and guards. Elves have two things in common with Elfs, first they both have pointed ears and second they both have a very long lifespan.
  • Ephrath: The closest kingdom to the Old Kingdom.
  • Haar:  (Scots) – word meaning fog.
  • Meikle Ham: – The first of the smaller border villages in the Open Vally near the border of the Old Kingdom and Ephrath.
  • Mind-walk: Only witches can mind-walk
  • Muckle Ham: – The Largest of the border villages in the Open Vally near the border of the Old Kingdom and Ephrath and the closest to the Main Border crossing into Ephrath.
  • The Old Kingdom:   Kingdom of the Snow King,
  • Open Valley: The lowest part of the Old Kingdom and the closest part to Ephrath.
  • Scran:  (Scots) – food, a meal
  • Simurgh: (singular) – Simurgh: (plural). Mythical birds as tall as people and just as intelligent. Multicoloured feathers.
  • Snow King: King of the Old Kingdom.
  • Star Fall:       
  • Star Metal:         
  • Telepathy: “When speech is being shown in italics, it indicates the use of communication by thought, i.e. Telepathy.” Instead of using she/he said, she/he thought, will be used then.
  • The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine, Death.     
  • Tina’s village: 
  • Traumatic Shock:  
  • Triceratops: (singular) – Triceratops: (plural).
  • Tully: The closest village to the palace of Xanadu.
  • The Wall: 
  • The Walled City: Capital of The Old Kingdom.
  • The Wandering Star:    
  • Wee:    (Scots) –  Small
  • A wee taid:   (Scots) –  A small amount
  • Watchman – Watchmen: Refer to both girls and boys who have trained to look after their village and call for help in the event of an attack. They train to survive and bear witness to what happened.
  • Witch – Witches:
  • Woolly Triceratops: Triceratops: (singular) – Triceratops: (plural). Somewhere in the mists of time their ancestors became mammals and survived the extinction of the dinosaurs, their legs grew longer, keeping their bodies away from the cold snow and a thick woolly coat kept them warm in winter.
  • Wraith: (singular) – Wraith: (plural). Soul eaters, dark spirits, The Black Smoke Man. I chose for stylistic reasons to call both single and multiple individuals as wraith.
  • Xanadu: Palace of Xanadu, the seat of power and the Capital of Ephrath

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