20210901 – Hope


Sadly Hope passed away on the 7th of July 2021. She was 15 years and 10 days old at the time of her death. Some of you who read this blog will have met Hope, and you will be relieved to know Hope passed away peacefully in the early hours. I was there at her birth and there when she passed away. Hope was quite a character and a great companion. She will be missed greatly.

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20210603 – update

The Cymera 21 festival starts this evening and is on till the 6th of June. Scotland’s one and only book festival devoted to sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. It is again online this year which means you can take part from anywhere in the world. I will be going along to several events and also I will be on Discord if anyone wants to chat.


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20210131 – Books I am Reading

At 8.10am 31st January, I finished reading “The Mask Falling” by Samantha Shannon. It is the 4th book in her “The Bone Season” series. I give it 5 honey bees 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 I want to rave about this book and yet if I do I will give away so many spoilers.

I am now feeling like a junkie suddenly deprived of his drug of choice. I need the next book, and I need it now. Yet, I know it is going to be quite a while before the next one is available. Until then, I will have to find other books to read.

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20210108 – New Year’s Resolutions

I have written before that I don’t like making New Year resolutions, they tend to get broken shortly after they are made. So let’s go over how I did last year. 1. Get the first draft of book 4 finished by the start of April 2020. Well that was an epic fail it is still not finished. 2. Write the first draft of book 5 by the end of 2020. Again an epic fail, although I did manage to add to my notes. 3. Get book 2 and 3 into paperback by May 2020. WEll I managed to get book 2 into paperback before Christmas 2020. Book 3 has most of the work done. I will have to see if I achieve these goals before setting any more for 2020 I did manage to get some reading done, however, getting through a pandemic and trying not to have my clinical depression get any worse became my main goal of 2020. 2021 I need to get a new computer (at least new to me.). My computer died at the end of 2020 just after I had published my book 2 on paperback to Amazon. Once I have access to a computer I want to get book 3 out on paperback. In the meantime I will continue to write book 4 on my iPhone and in my note books. Ah the thought of picking up my fountain pen and flowing words across paper, I miss that form of writing. I still have to get a cover for book 4, I am still considering the style for no 4. I would like to get book 5 finished this year, yet I know how much work still has to go into it. So I will just have to keep writing and see how far along I can get. I would like to try and read more books this year. Reading helped a lot during this ongoing pandemic. If you have set yourself any new year resolutions or any other goals for this year, I wish you luck in achieving them. Continue reading

20201229 – Books I am Reading

I am currently just over half way through “the Hobbit” I should finish by the weekend. One of the benefits of a Tier 4 lockdown due to the pandemic, plenty time to read. I received a copy of the “Seven Devils“ by Elizabeth May and Laura Lam as a Christmas present. Books are great Christmas presents and I’m looking forward to reading this one.
Paperback  copy of the Hobbit  sitting in a Christmas tree

Hardback copy of Seven Devils sitting in a Christmas tree
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Paperback – 20201225

Book 2 in paperback
Book 2 in paperback
Merry Christmas to one and all. 🎄.
It arrived the week before Christmas, the first copy of book 2 in paperback. I am now going through book 3 preparing it to go into paperback. Will be swapping between that and finishing the first draft of book 4. 
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20201206 – Writing

Last month was #NaNoWriMo month, and for myself, it was an epic fail. My plan was to finish the first draft of book 4, which had I stopped writing back at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I never got very far with that. However, it was a success in another way as I did end up finishing the re-writes to book 2. I got the manuscript back from proofreading and managed to have the digital files uploaded to Apple Books, Amazon Kindle and Kobo before the end of November. If you already have book 2 on digital, you can update on your device to the 2nd version.

On the 4th of December, the paperback version of “Hell Followed After” subtitle “Where He Goes, The Light Will Follow” which is the 2nd book in the series “The Legend of Zanta Klaus.” Became available on Amazon. I can reveal the paperback cover, I have ordered a copy of the book, however, you will have to wait until the end of the month for a pic of the book itself. It is December, and delivery dates are now stretching into weeks.

Photograph of the cover of the paperback version of book 2

I am back working on book 4 and at the moment I have no idea when I will be ready to publish, updates on another blog post.

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20201107 – writing update


It’s been tough lately. Funnily enough, the last few days have got me so hopeful & happy, I have been rewriting during Covid-19. Yesterday I finished the rewrites and printed out my manuscript. Book 2 will be coming out in paperback soon.
Celebration time. 🎉🎉🎉




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20200929 – writing update

Firstly it has only been a month since my last blog post. However, I am still alive, and I wish to give my condolences to everyone who has lost a friend or family member to COVID-19. As time passes, I am starting to hear of friends and others who have survived COVID-19 and are now on the difficult road to recovery even months after surviving the disease.

A writing update, I could just as well call this a lifestyle update as I changed my routine and have over the last month settled into having my alarm clock going off at 7am. Hope goes out into the back garden, and I put her food in the bowl, then while she eats, I make my first coffee of the day. Afterwards, I make porridge, and I am sitting at the computer writing before 9am, sometimes well before 9.

What has changed, you may ask. Firstly I am sticking to this new routine, and secondly, I am not looking at any news or email until the evening. The result is a vast improvement in productivity. How sustainable this is will depend on how long I can manage with a low intake of coffee. I am trying to keep it to 2 mugs max before lunch, after a while the brain adapts, and you have to drink more coffee to get the same productivity. The other day I was at the desk until lunchtime, and by then I had 4 mugs of coffee, I was buzzing, I was on a roll, I had not had writing word counts like it since before the pandemic.

We are back into increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases, and by the way things are going at the moment we will all be back into a tougher lockdown by November if not before. Flu season is approaching so get your jab. I have been reassessing what my writing plans for winter will be. I lost so much time during the first lockdown, trying to look after my mental health. Hopefully, I am better prepared for lockdown 2 when it comes. Either way, I am back to doing rewrites of book 2 before I get it put into paperback, my plan is to get the rewrites done by mid-October.

After that, I need to do further research before I restart work on the 1st draft of book 4. The hope is to start back on the writing on the 1st of November, at the moment I have just over 49,000 words of the first draft done. Book 5 is just a skeleton at scarcely over 7,000 words of the initial draft, I have no date yet when I will get back to number 5. However, it will be when I am no longer working on book 3.




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20200901 – Books I am Reading

It has been a few months since my last blog post. However, I am still alive and my condolences to everyone who has lost a friend or family member to COVID-19. As time passes I am starting to hear of people who have have survived Covid-19 and are now on the difficult road to recovery.

For a while, during the lockdown, I was handling it quite well, and then the depression decided to sink its teeth into me, the only thing I could do to slow the downward spiral was to get out and walk. Now I am back reading and back to writing. I read two novellas by Samantha Shannon, “The Pale Dreamer” which I have had for a while but just never got round to reading and “The Dawn Chorus,” which was published just recently. I have enjoyed all the Bone Season series of books, and I am looking forward to the next book in the Bone Season series “The Mask Falling,” publication date is 16th February 2021.

I have also read the Falconer trilogy of novels by Elizabeth May, “The Falconer,” “The Vanishing Throne,” “The Fallen Kingdom.” Set in a kind of steampunk version of Scotland in the 1800s with fairies. These are the first books I have read by Elizabeth May, and I plan reading other books by this author when I get through my current pile of books in my to be read pile.


Photograph of the book cover of The Pale Dreamer


Dawn Chorus





Vanishing Throne


Fallen kingdom



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